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How to deal with ifcsite using Revit 2020

Entity inheritance


A site is a defined area of land, possibly covered with water, on which the project construction is to be completed. A site may be used to erect, retrofit or turn down building(s), or for other construction related developments.

In Revit is it possible to add IfcSite in 2 ways:

  1. Add projectinformation for IfcSite. (figure 1 below)
  2. Another option is to create a toposurface and export to IfcSite (figure 6 below)

Option 1: Add projectinformation for IfcSite

Figure 1 Adding Shared parameters SiteName and SiteDescription
Figure 2 Open Shared parameter file with parameters, or create these parameters SiteDescription and SiteName.

Autodesk Revit provides a shared parameter file IFC Shared Parameters-RevitIFCBuiltIn_ALL.txt  This is stored per version Revit, in this case Revit 2020 under: C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\ApplicationPlugins\IFC 2020.bundle\Contents\2020

Figure 3 Adding parameters SiteName and SiteDescription as Project Parameters

Note: Select Categories – Project Information and Parameter Data – Instance (since Project Information doesn’t have Type!)

Figure 4 Filling parameter values SiteName and SiteDescription as Project Parameters
Figure 5 Result in IFC – shown in Solibri Office

Option 2: Creation of Toposurface for IfcSite

Figure 6 Create a Toposurface in Revit
Figure 7 Map the Revit Category Topography to IFC Class Name IfcSite
Figure 8 Optional: Use IfcName for IfcSite (name override)
Figure 9 Result shown in Solibri Office

Updated on July 29, 2022

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