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Find some of the Frequently Asked Questions below:

What is this site about?
This Knowledge Base is part of the buildingSMART International User program. It collects articles that help users to apply buildingSMART Standards and Solutions. The articles are written and maintained by experts on the topic that are active in the community.
Can I write an article and publish it here?
Absolutely. Just contact us and submit your article for review. It can also be handy to check out our content policy.
Can I use these articles in my business?
Of course! The whole intention of this Knowledge Base is to share articles that can be used to make everyones work easier.
There are some rules when you use the content (for example: you need to attribute the original author). Read more about that in this article.
Who is maintaining the articles on this site?
The individual authors of each article. You can find the author at the bottom of each article.
I still have questions?